Tow Bars

Dependable Towing and Brake Systems

Safe, Reliable Tow And Brake Systems


We are proud to offer ROADMASTER brackets and tow bars. Designed and manufactured locally in Vancouver, Washington, ROADMASTER products are the best option for secure, reliable towing needs.

  • In-house Testing - Computerized testing ensures structural integrity, longevity and the safety of your tow bar.
  • Solid Construction - Choose from aluminum or steel construction with weight capacities of 5,000-10,000 pounds.
  • Two Options - Premium, non-binding tow bars offer easy release, even at a hard angle. The Classic series features powder-coated steel moving parts.

BRAKE BUDDY® Towed Vehicle System

Mann’s installs the Brake Buddy® tow system for vehicles that need to be towed behind an RV. This family of smart products is designed specifically to get your vehicle tow-ready while cutting your combined stopping distance by up to 50%. Come to see us today to learn more about this leading towed portable braking system.

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